I’m not a legitimately brave woman most of the time, although I care about getting what I want… My friends and I noticed an up-to-date delivery woman laboring for the marijuana shop nearby.

My buddy and I contacted the marijuana shop a couple of times to see if my associate and I could get the driver to bring our items.

When my associate and I finally got the right driver to bring the marijuana products to us, I had to be brave and ask for her actual telephone number. I asked the woman out in the hallway so I did not have to do it in front of my buddies. I was afraid they were going to laugh at me or make me even more sad than I already was. The delivery woman whose name is Lacy was blissful to give me her number and she told me that she has numerous days off every week. Her days off are Mondays and Tuesdays. I have to work on both of those days, although I have the afternoons free. Lacy and I made plans to go to supper and a film, then after supper, she got out a pre-rolled and Infused marijuana joint. I had never smoked an infused marijuana joint before to be honest. I had a couple of Puffs and I felt totally high. Thank goodness my associate and I did not have to drive to any other places. It entirely made the film way more enjoyable. My buddy and I watched a scary flick because it is close to halloween. Instead of being super scared, I laughed most of the film. When I am high, it feels deranged to be scared of something on the screen.
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