Working in food service started when I was 17, and I am still doing it.

I never went to college, I just kept working and making money. There were a lot of ups and downs over the last few years, of course. Eventually I was lucky enough to score a high-end serving gig at a local dining club, which paid a lot better. Still, I kept looking for something better, and I was thinking that I needed to find a new line of work entirely. Then I found a unique job opportunity, as a server at an experimental cannabis cafe that was just opening up. It was on the second floor of the medical cannabis dispensary, and was beta-testing lunch and dinner services. Although I smoke cannabis regularly, I never do so at work, because I need to remember all of my customers clearly. This would be a very strange environment, because I would be sober but all of my patrons would end up being stoned out of their minds on medical cannabis. It did sound like the perfect recipe for great tips, because cannabis does tend to make people very generous. I am excited about this opportunity, because working in a medical cannabis dispensary sounds like it could be a great job. If the cannabis cafe doesn’t work out, maybe I can finally get out of food service and work a more normal job. Perhaps being a budtender at a cannabis dispensary doesn’t sound like a “more normal job” to you, but then you’ve never worked food service.
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