The headaches are entirely terrible at evening

The worst time of the day for myself and others is at evening. I get entirely poor migraine headaches at evening. I had a couple of accidents when I was younger and I hit our head a few times, once I was in a coma for three days before I woke up. The dentist used […]

I forgot to bring an umbrella to work

The seasoned lady looks like our Grandmother and she was just as kind and sweet. Even though I have dust sensitivities, I still care about the Springtime. I care about the way that it smells outside when it is raining. I don’t mind spending our day outside when it rains. I guess that is a […]

The guy looked pretty famous

Most of the time the two of us stop delivery services at 10:15, but the dispensary closes at midnight, however the drivers have to leave the store by 11 with all of the items, however all of us rarely accept cellphone in orders after 10:15 unless there is a concern with the website, i was […]

Multi-location SEO solutions

My cannabis dispensary has continued to grow overtime. It started out just being a local spot that most people seemed to chill out and purchase a few products from. Then tourists started steadily dropping into the cannabis dispensary. I have since expanded my storefront and gotten more budtenders on staff. I am now looking into […]

A little help please

The SEO analyst finally working with me seems to assume that I will see an immense increase in sales I own a cannabis dispensary and it is doing great! Basically I have the same loyal buyers that come in on a daily, sometimes weekly basis, but it is unquestionably rare to get a new buyer […]

Checkers likes the CBD treats stuffed with salmon plus tuna

My wife Kim plus I adopted a modern pet from the shelter. All of us had lost our old pet 2 years ago plus it was time for us to welcome a more modern couch into our home. All of us went to the shelter a couple of bizarre times, before Kim and I found […]

My pet broke the sweet bong I got on 420

My friend Max plus I visited a few venues this year on the 420 holiday, one of the dispensaries was giving away a ton of freebies; When the purchase of $50 worth of marijuana supplies, we would receive a gift bag with prizes of $100 or more; I bought more than a few grams of […]

The lounge will be a nice place to hang out when it's done

One of the dispensaries downtown recently purchased the space next to the dispensary so they can open a cannabis Lounge. The Cannabis Lounge will be a place for patrons to sit and relax and use recreational marijuana. There are no cannabis lounges anywhere in the city, but I have been to a place like this […]

My new neighbor smokes marijuana all day and all night

I looked at my new house a couple of times before I made an offer and decided to purchase the home. I went to look at the house one time at night. I also went during the day and in the early morning hours. I thought it would be nice to get an idea of […]