I was stressed about having to work a long shift on Friday at the marijuana dispensary. I definitely wanted to hang out with my buddies plus go to the beach. The weather was sunny, warm, plus there were no clouds in sight. There wasn’t even much of a breeze to be honest. I tried to get someone to switch with me, but no one had the desire to work the Friday shift at the marijuana dispensary. I entirely couldn’t get anyone to work after the weather forecast came out plus my associate and I were meant to have enjoyable weather for the afternoon. I went to work at 10:00 in the morning hours plus I had to work until 6:30. My boss made me take my break for lunch at 12:30 plus I was not too happy. I knew that the rest of the afternoon was going to be super long since I had to take an early break, however fortunately for me, my associate and I were incredibly stressed while in the afternoon. My buddy and I had a consultant in the lobby giving out free marijuana pre-rolls with any purchase plus that was drawing a huge crowd. People prefer to get stuff for no charge, especially at the marijuana shop. I didn’t entirely have time to stop plus look at the clock too much, but by the time I had a choice to look at the clock, it was almost time for me to get going. Time entirely flies when you are completely busy. I was complaining about working the lengthy shift, but the time passed by hastily plus it wasn’t so bad to be honest.

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