When the local cannabis spot opened up, I was really happy.

This was several years ago and I was actually a proponent of getting logical marijuana laws on the books.

I was just so happy that so many people could finally get the benefits from medical marijuana without the stigma or the legal jeopardy. It just made me crazy that the pill factories produce stuff that is horrid for our population and yet it’s perfectly legal. Some of the meds out there are full of serious side effects and are even incredibly addictive. Yet, heaven forbid if I wanted to use a natural plant like cannabis to treat a health issue. That once made people just so crazy because there was such ingrained misinformation when it came to cannabis products. That’s thankfully and mercifully over now and has been for a while. And look, the sky didn’t fall and plenty of people got relief thanks to access to medical marijuana. Well, now that recreational marijuana is legal, a friend wanted us to go down to the local cannabis spot and check it out. We weren’t even really planning to sample any marijuana for sale. But I ended up getting a bit of orange kush and boy am I ever glad that I did. It’s so changed my life. Cannabis has had a healing effect on me as well and I didn’t even know I needed it. But I’m far less anxious and way more ready to go after just what I want out of life. I’m no longer afraid or stuck when it comes to making needed adjustments to my lifestyle and my day to day behavior.

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