I don’t know exactly how it happened, but I woke up one morning and went to work, and I had only been in the cannabis dispensary for five minutes when I was called into the director’s office.

I was an assistant director for Bill, but I had never been given any jobs but inventory and managing employees when Bill wasn’t there.

I was waiting for him to tell me I was being updated, but that wasn’t Bill’s reason for calling me in, then Bill said he needed someone to be in charge of the marketing for the cannabis dispensary. I knew nothing about professional marketing, so this came as a complete shock. Bill told me he knew his way around a PC, but according to my application I graduated with a degree in web development. Bill wanted me to take over the cannabis dispensary’s website and the marketing. I thought Bill was kidding, or at least hoped he was, even though he wasn’t. I looked at the store website and knew there were many things that could be changed to make it way more user friendly. I could manage the website and make it easier to use, but I knew only a little bit about marketing, and nothing about cannabis dispensary marketing. I called an old pal of mine whom I had graduated with. I asked what he remembered about online marketing, then luckily for me, my pal had joined an online marketing company after graduation. He asked me what I had to work with, and I told him about the cannabis dispensary marketing program I was assigned. He told me it would be a piece of cake, and started working with the marketing for the cannabis dispensary.


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