My two great passions in life are fishing and getting high.

I can trace both of these passions to the same source – childhood fishing trips with my Dad. My Dad was a macho type of guy, not known for showing affection very often. He was a good man, loyal, and a good provider, he just wasn’t effusive with his feelings. Every so often Dad would wake me up before dawn and we would drive to one of the local fishing holes a few minutes outside of town. There in the early morning light we would fish, and Dad would smoke some cannabis. I didn’t know it was cannabis at the time, I was too young, but I remember the smell, and the way it made Dad act silly and goofy. It was the only time I ever saw him like that. Years later, I still enjoy fishing and getting stoned on local cannabis, even if I don’t live in the same area. One day I plan to take a vacation and visit all the old places around town, but right now I live in a different state. I get all my cannabis shipped in from town, because I feel they grow the best stuff. Some mornings I wake up early and drive to a local creek, where I smoke cannabis, fish, and think about my Dad. I call it “the local state of mind.” No matter what is going on in my life, or how stressed I am, fishing and smoking cannabis takes me back to the idyllic days in town, where I felt truly happy.

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