There are a lot of bad things about getting old.

My wife Helen retired a few years ago, and has been patiently waiting for me to finish up so we can move on with our lives. For all the health problems, poor mobility, and other things that suck about old age, one of the biggest positives is the sense of freedom. Helen and I are both free from jobs, from paying rent, and from doing anything we don’t want to do. It was Helen’s idea to sell the house and move to the city where she wanted to become an artist. At any other point in our lives this would have seemed ridiculous, but not now! We sold our old house, moved to a small cabin in the woods outside of town, and began our new lives. My area has become locally famous for several things, including their fried fish, their locally grown cannabis strains, and their sailing regattas. Located right on the shores of the world, we regularly host sailing displays, contests, and regattas. Helen likes to take her art supplies and a canvas to set up on one of the piers in the local harbor. She can sit for hours, watching the boats go by and painting them. All the while I relax in a lawn chair beside her, smoking cannabis and taking little naps. My area is very supportive of the arts, and also very tolerant of cannabis use. I think Helen and I will be very happy here.


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