Long before we had medical cannabis in this state,it was common for me to get high at the beach.

The secret was to cheat my way out since the tides and wind as well as the wide-open spaces made it easy to smoke unnoticeably.

You could easily smoke weed on the beach and easily get away with it without getting caught. The wind will disperse the smoke so quickly that we could be smoking right next to a cop and they would never notice. Besides that, my fascination with the beach has always been there. I can stay out there for hours and listen to the waves crashing against the sand for hours. Of course these days there is limited legalization for certain kinds of medical cannabis. But this doesn’t work for me, because I don’t have a prescription. I still need to get my cannabis the old-fashioned way – the illegal way from some shady looking sellers. In this case my cannabis business is Tim, who took over the company from MacKenzie who graduated from college. Once or twice a week I send a text to Tim with how much money I want to spend on cannabis. We then meet in the alley & exchange money for cannabis before going in different directions. I have been asked if I feel strange buying cannabis from a kid, and of course the answer is yeah! I don’t want to meet this youngster in a dark alley for an illegal cannabis transaction, but the truth is that I don’t have much choice! If the state would just relax its strict policies then we could start shopping at a cannabis dispensary like normal people.