Long before we had medical cannabis in our state, the best way to get high was at the beach.

This is because of the tides and the wind, not forgetting the wide-open spaces.

It was quite easy to smoke weed on the shoreline and get away with it. Thanks to the wind which always disperses the smoke so quickly one could be smoking right next to a cop unnoticed. We have always been fascinated by the beach. This is a place we get to listen to the waves crashing against the sand for hours. Of course these days there is limited legalization for certain kinds of medical cannabis. It however doesn’t apply to us, because we don’t have a prescription. Either way, we still need to get cannabis the old-fashioned way – the not so legal way. This is sold by university students behind the gas station. We get our cannabis stash from a guy called Mitch, who took over from the former supplier Tim when he graduated from university. Once or twice a week we send a SMS message to Mitch stating how much money we want to spend on cannabis. We then meet in the alley and the exchange of weed and cash takes place before everyone goes their way. Some people have asked if we feel like scumbags for buying cannabis from a kid, and of course the answer is yes! We don’t want to meet these kids in some dark alley for an illegal cannabis transaction, but since we don’t have much choice it remains the only way! If the state would relax its strict policies then we could start shopping at a cannabis dispensary like normal people do.


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