Long before the existence of medical cannabis in this state, we would still get high but at the beach. The tides and wind, coupled with the wide-open spaces made it easy to smoke weed on the shoreline and get away with it. For starters, the wind regularly dispersed the smoke so fast that we could smoke in the presence of cops and they would never notice.This explains our obsession with the beach.We can enjoy listening to the waves crashing against the sand for hours and still enjoy our cannabis in peace. Of course these days there is limited legalization for particular kinds of medical cannabis. However, this still doesn’t apply to me, because I don’t have a prescription. Like many people, I still have to get my cannabis the old-fashioned way – the not so legal way. Usually, it is delivered by a university kid who delivers it close to the gas station.We often send a test to the delivery guy a week in advance. When everything is ready, we meet in an alley for the cannabis exchange. The exchange of cash for cannabis takes place secretly and everyone goes their separate ways. This is a system that works for use. When asked if I ever feel bad buying cannabis from a kid, the answer is obviously in the affirmative. I don’t pride myself in meeting with this kid in the dark alley for illegal cannabis transactions,but we are left with no choice! If only the state would relax the many strict policies then I could start shopping at a cannabis dispensary like most people.

Marijuana dispensary