Years before the introduction of medical cannabis in this state, we still found ways to enjoy cannabis by the beach.

The ocean tides coupled with the wind and the wide-open spaces, makes it very easy to smoke weed on the beach without getting into trouble.

The wind will disperse the smoke quickly such that anyone sitting right next to you cannot notice it too. Whenever I sit on the beach, the waves crash against the sand for hours and I get a sense of relief as I smoke weed. Of course these days there is some form of legalization for specific kinds of medical cannabis. Unfortunately this does work for me who doesn’t have the prescription. People like me have to get cannabis privately, and most illegally. Sellers are often university students with connections. For us, ken is the go-to supplier of all cannabis stashes around. If interested all you do is give him a call a week in advance and he will come with the cannabis on an agreed date. You then have to meet him in the alley where the exchange of cash for cannabis takes place before each person goes their separate ways. Many times I have been asked if this makes me feel guilty buying cannabis from school going kids. Well, of course I do. But again, I don’t have a choice but go the illegal and shady way of purchasing illegal cannabis transactions. I just wish that the state would relax its strict policies. After that I can then start shopping at a cannabis dispensary like a normal person.