The first time I went to the cannabis dispensary, the guy at the counter tried to convince me to join their loyalty program.

I dismissed the offer without really paying attention, because I knew it cost 20 bucks a month.

It seems like every store has their own loyalty program now. They always involve filling out a form for membership, and then paying money for the right to spend money! I don’t need all that extra hassle, I just want to get stoned. A few weeks later I was back in the same shop, and this time I actually listened to the budtender as he pitched the program to me again. I realized that by paying 20 bucks a month I would end up saving at least 50 bucks a month on cannabis. I smoke a lot of marijuana, and all members of the program get 10% off their purchases. 10% didn’t sound like a lot at first, but when I did the math about how much cannabis I buy, I realized I was losing money! Beyond the discounts on cannabis products, the program also offers extra services for the members. If I place my order through the cannabis dispensary website it will be packaged and ready for me at the front counter by the time I get to the store. I don’t even have to wait in line, I can grab my cannabis and go, because membership has its privileges. I wish I would have joined the cannabis loyalty program a long time ago, I had no idea it was this great.



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