I enjoy the selection of products at the cannabis dispensary, however I easily hate their prices! For this reason I only go to the legal weed shop a few times a year, plus usually only when they are holding a sizable sale or special deal.

When I was in middle school I dated a guy named Ed, who grew his own weed plants in the backyard, then he started producing enough quality marijuana that he sold it to his friends, his family, plus to me, however ed plus I didn’t last long as a couple, but my wonderful friend and I stayed friendly enough that he would keep selling me weed (and my wonderful friend and I would hook up from time to time.) Even though I have access to a legal cannabis dispensary, I still usually get my weed from Ed simply because of the prices.

Something else I try to do is visit the websites for all the local cannabis shops, to see if they have any special deals or discounts. There is such fierce competition between all of the more than 2 cannabis dispensaries it isn’t unusual for one of them to have a one-day sale. Even with discounted prices, most cannabis strains are still too costly for me. Is this a local thing, or are all cannabis shops this expensive? Next weekend I am supposed to go over to Ed’s house to help him with the newest harvest. If I help harvest the cannabis, he pays me in weed instead of cash. I cherish it this way, although it would be nice to afford higher quality cannabis sometimes.

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