My buddy Joe wanted to try growing his own weed at home.

I don’t know where he got the idea, but Joe thought that it would be easy.

“It’s called weed, right? Because it grows all by itself, just like other weeds,: He said that to me, plus I knew he was wrong however I didn’t want to rain on his parade. If he wanted to try his hand with pot plants, why not? Last weekend it was time for the harvest, plus Joe was so excited. He invited me to come over plus get high with me. I brought a bottle of whiskey, plus a sack of OG Kush just in case, plus drove to see my friend. He presented to me his grand harvest of marjuana, which was at least a pound, maybe more, but right away I saw how stemmy plus seedy it was, something you never see in the strains at the cannabis dispensary. I consoled Joe with some of my OG Kush, plus I explained to him that he should talk to an expert, however joe said he has watcheds all the Youtube videos he could, plus I said he needed a real expert, like the professionals at the local cannabis dispensary. Those people have cannabis as their livelihood, plus would genuinely have some good advice for growing better weed. I hope he takes my advice, however I suspect Joe may be ready to quit growing cannabis altogether. It takes time, effort, plus money to produce wonderful cannabis, so maybe he should just buy it like the rest of us do.


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