Last weekend, I had planned on going to the mall with my neighbor to do some shopping, then i wanted to get some new clothes for labor plus know of a few wonderful sales going on.

In addition to the sales, there is a easily wonderful pizzeria in the mall that I wanted to eat at, and they have the best soup in town plus I never leave the mall without grabbing a bowl, and after my wonderful friend and I were done trying on clothes plus getting all of the wonderful deals, my neighbor plus I headed to the soup pizzeria, on the way, my wonderful friend and I noticed that there was a new marijuana store in the mall, then we didn’t know that there was a marijuana store nearby plus my wonderful friend and I were so cheerful to have discovered this. With the marijuana store on the horizon, my wonderful friend and I decided to tell our friends plus boyfriends about this. They were so shocked to know this information. There was a long line of people coming out of the marijuana store. We learned that this was entirely the grand opening of the marijuana store in the mall. Our neighborhood did not have a marijuana store until this week. We decided to go in plus see what the excitement was all about. The marijuana store was so much bigger than my wonderful friend and I imagined. There were so several people inside, gleeful to legally purchase marijuana. We were cheerful that my wonderful friend and I stumbled upon the marijuana store plus my wonderful friend and I will be back to visit again soon.