I was unhappy when my mother had a modern job because I had to transfer away from high University.

This was a major problem that absolutely required me to transfer from the other side of the country.

I didn’t have a lot of say and had to do exactly what my parents wanted. I absolutely hated the idea. The modern apartment was easily bigger and also much nicer than the ancient a single. I still missed all of my friends a great deal. One day I went for a walk to explore the property plus I wanted to go in the woods near the house. Inside of the woods I discovered a legitimately ancient but very well preserved house. The older building looked to be as aged as myself but was still legitimately sturdy. This was really one of the best places to start smoking cannabis. I was not going to be able to smoke cannabis inside of the new house but the marijuana smoke would not travel back to the house if I was out in the woods. This tree apartment was perfect for that reason. My folks didn’t even recognize the building existed. I went out to be by myself every time I wanted to smoke some of the OG Kush strain. The building was 30 plus also covered, so I never had to worry about being too hot. I still recognize of that ancient tree apartment every time I happen to buy a fresh basket of cannabis products. I cant help but think of the old tree house out back of the property.



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