It took myself and others a long time before I was able to relax plus prefer myself as Cafe.

The spot has been a hangout place for more than a couple of my friends due to the music.

The cafe has indoor seating but the best part about the place is the music. They have recreational players come in once a week and they do a set and a show and then they also have a DJ as well. On Friday night the DJ having to be there and they were giving away prizes too I told Jack to wait a few minutes to see if they had anything else that was on sale. The pictures and chairs from the patio included a roof that did not have any walls. It is very easy and convenient to use cannabis products in the parking lot. Our town is in an unusual place and it is still legal to use cannabis. Medical cannabis was allowed as of april. When I spend time with the cafe, I consistently roll some Pinner joints without ever having to smoke something that was incredibly big. I hit the OG Kush a couple of times in the parking lot as well as then I go back. This last time I went, I was happy to get some free samples. I got a couple of hits of OG Kush and that made my nerves settle and then I won first place in the contest where everyone had to sing and that was $1,000.


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