During the COVID quarantine I renovated the dusty old storage room and turned it into a smoker’s lounge.

At that time (I’m sure you remember) we were all going stir crazy because of the lockdown.

I converted the room because I needed a project to keep myself busy. I also need a safe place to hunker down and get stoned. When the quarantine was lifted, I basically started using the room for storage again. With hurricane season approaching, I decided to clean up the smoker’s lounge, and prepare for an ample amount of cannabis smoking in the near future! Just like with COVID, hurricanes make it so I can’t just step outside to smoke cannabis. I have two young children, plus a wife who never smokes cannabis, so I can’t just light up inside the house. Secondhand smoke from cannabis can be very dangerous to children, which is why I made the smoker’s lounge in the first place. The kids are not allowed into this room, I have extra wainscotting around the doorway to keep the cannabis smoke from escaping into the main house, and also I keep an air purifier in the room. This is the best I can do to ensure that secondhand cannabis smoke will not impact the health and safety of the rest of my family. I do not have a TV in the room, so I can’t just sit around smoking cannabis and watching the hurricane on TV. That is probably for the best, or else I might not leave the smoker’s lounge at all.

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