I like chatting with local business owners whenever I’m not in a hurry and I have a chance to meet someone new. If I browse a shop I haven’t visited before, I like to talk with the person behind the counter assuming I’m not holding up other customers in the process. Sometimes I find that we have a surprisingly large number of similarities and shared interests. The man who owns and operates the new gas station and convenience store in my neighborhood is from the same small town and state as I am. We were chatting about the high school that we both attended at different times and each of us were surprised that we had some of the same teachers, even though we attended the school at least 10 years apart. The only real difference between the two of us at the time was that he was an athlete while I was focused on academics. Recently a new CBD store opened in my neighborhood and I decided to drop in after work one day to check it out. I was impressed by the array of CBD products in the glass display counter, with tinctures, oils, vaporizer cartridges, pre-rolled joints, edibles, and skin creams to name a few. I asked the shop owner about his selection and he informed me that some of his hemp and CBD products are sourced from out west where one can find some of the most ideal growing conditions for hemp and cannabis. I was also surprised to learn that the CBD store owner is also a local musician and plays in a band that I have seen live on a number of occasions.

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