I wanted nothing to do with marijuana.

When I was a kid, I took the ‘Say No To Drugs’ oath & I’ve not broken it; I am now almost eighteen, & I still want to use marijuana! The only time I considered it was when the nurses ran tests on myself and others with epilepsy.

I thought I was taking naps while I was in the day, but my teachers told myself and others I was having a seizure; No a single bothered myself and others as long as I was laying in my seat & not falling out, but my Dad made an appointment with the nurse, then she told myself and others that if the seizure get worse, I could get hurt, or hurt someone else. My bestie was handling the epilepsy well, although I didn’t want to hurt or embarrass her, she had seen myself and others have a seizure, & she didn’t walk away! As much as I hated the idea of using marijuana, I had to make a taxing decision. Dad told the nurse it was an unequivocal no, but since I was over sixteen, I told the nurse I would try it. Although I had to have someone over 21 go into the cannabis dispensary, I wanted to try medical marijuana. I believe it was when the nurse told myself and others I could hurt myself of someone else, that I allowed him to talk myself and others into getting a medical marijuana ID card. I didn’t want to hurt my bestie or my mom. That wasn’t solving my problem of having someone option up the marijuana until I talked to my sibling. She was 21 & said she would get a caretaker’s ID card & go to the cannabis dispensary for me.

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