Marijuana can be used discreetly in public

Much to my surprise, having lunch with my family was a hilarious plus night filled with ruckus. Once during the month I care to take my husband and my adolescence to a pizzeria. The place is a cool area with a small seating place to eat inside. There is also a large outdoor patio area […]

Legalization starts in the city first

A while before cannabis was legalized, I recognized the double common at play. This happened before I even went to a party and I did not drink a beer or smoke anything. The next day, my parents and also my friends were all getting down together when a group of people wanted to party and […]

Mike mixed the mushrooms with the cannabis

I met a guy in college when we were residing on a dormitory floor together. I had a great deal of things and usual with Mike and both of us had a bond that was a friendship to last for 20 years or more. During the time Mike and I were married and bought houses. […]

We found an abandoned building to hang out

I was unhappy when my mother had a modern job because I had to transfer away from high University. This was a major problem that absolutely required me to transfer from the other side of the country. I didn’t have a lot of say and had to do exactly what my parents wanted. I absolutely […]

My mom secretly used cannabis

Then my mom was wrecked on cannabis and she told me it was just for fun When I was legitimately younger, I was depressed keeping all of my family secrets then perhaps you have something care about this in your own family. There’s consistently a single man that knows every person’s business in the family. […]

The whole night was fun and interesting

I took my kids to see a show and we had a wonderful night and I had not been to a single of these events. The place was a local cafe that had a drag queen night. My husband and I took our kids and went to check the place out. Each one of the […]

I promise not to smoke cannabis at work again

Long story short, I got fired from my job at the radio station. If anyone out there knows of a good DJ job, or a radio station that is hiring for any position, please hit me up in the comments! My strengths are that I love working the graveyard shift, I am familiar with any […]

Cannabis helped me to have a great time that night

Much to my surprise, going out to dinner with the family last night turned into a raucous and hilarious evening of fun. Once a week I like to take my wife and kids to a local diner. It’s a cool spot with a small indoor eating area, and a much larger outdoor patio filled with […]

Why is cannabis illegal anyway?

Long before cannabis was even considered for legalization, I recognized the double-standard at play. This was before I even went to my first party, so I had never drank a beer or smoked a joint before. I saw people who did, especially my parents and their friends. One thing I learned early on was that […]