Wasn’t sure what to expect at the cannabis dispensary

But then, I realized that the local cannabis spot was set up like any other retail outlet. It wasn’t so much a conscious effort that I avoided marijuana back in the day. It’s just that I really didn’t party when I was younger. There was no chance at all of partying when I was in […]

Love shopping for marijuana for sale

The legalization of recreational marijuana has been wonderful. No longer do I have to deal with any sort of shadiness when it comes to getting some cannabis. That was the way it was for a very long time. Unfortunately, I don’t know a cannabis grower so I had to rely on the street. Mostly, I […]

Great cannabis products and good vibes as well

There are days when I’m sitting at my desk and I swear that time just stops. It’s always the worst days for me when this sort of phenomenon takes place. Great days at work seem to fly by. The bad ones just crawl on forever. When this happens, I like to make a plan for […]

Getting a great cannabis education at the cannabis dispensary

that first trip into the local cannabis spot really did change it all for me I walked into the local cannabis spot the first time with butterflies in my stomach. Here I was a 57 years old woman who was so interested and curious about the benefits of cannabis. But I was also sort of […]

Anxiety relief comes from cannabis dispensary

I’ve been around and dealing with anxiety and depression long enough to know to be wary of stuff that sounds too good to be true. But when medical marijuana was legalized here in this state, I was curious. I have friends who immediately figured out how to get a medical marijuana card. They were also […]

Glad I walked into the cannabis dispensary

It was sort of a whim and it sort of wasn’t. I’m probably the only person who went to college in the early 70’s who never smoked marijuana. It was literally everywhere back then. I remember my mother asking me what that smell was the first day she moved me into my freshman dorm. I […]

Making new adjustments with trips to the cannabis dispensary

When the local cannabis spot opened up, I was really happy. This was several years ago and I was actually a proponent of getting logical marijuana laws on the books. I was just so happy that so many people could finally get the benefits from medical marijuana without the stigma or the legal jeopardy. It […]

In the kitchen with cannabis

During the pandemic I really boned up on my cooking skills. When I was a kid I spent many hours in the kitchen with Grandma learning the family secrets. Thanks to college and working, I gradually stopped cooking meals for myself. Thanks to COVID19 I had a lot more free time on my hands, and […]

My sister has been using medical marijuana for eight months

Medical marijuana products can be used for a variety of reasons. Marijuana can help with pain, nausea, and mental health issues. My sister was the first person in my family to talk to the doctor about medical marijuana. She suffers from horrible mental health issues and terrible back pain. The mental issues led my sister […]