Is cannabis cafe day here yet?

It’s only twice a month. And if anybody has a problem with me visiting the cannabis cafe twice a month, I simply don’t care. When you are raising three girls who are basically three years apart, you need a cannabis cafe day at least bi-weekly. For me, getting to this marijuana business every other week […]

Spectacular options for recreational marijuana

We are so lucky to live in a state where there are progressive, reasonable and sensible laws that govern recreational marijuana. I honestly wasn’t so sure that was ever going to happen anywhere in this country. But with the first step of getting medical marijuana recognized, the boogie man part of cannabis was laid to […]

I don’t mind if I do, when at the cannabis cafe

My intro to the new world of cannabis edibles couldn’t have been better. Seriously, just looking back on the entire experience, I’m still so blown away by that weekend my sister Sam plus I spent. There is just the two of us now as both our parents have died. Sam and I are in our […]

Big gatherings are so much better with cannabis

There was a time in my life when I’d do just about anything to avoid attending any sort of sizable gathering. That meant no concerts, no big parties or BBQ’s, no weddings plus on plus on. I’m otherwise a fairly normal sort of human being outside of my deep discomfort when it comes to attending […]

My in-laws are easier with edibles

It’s so unusual to be thought of as not superb enough. I mean, I feel that to myself enough already without my jerk in-laws piling on. From the time I started dating their daughter Kim, it was made clear to me that I wasn’t their choice. My wife’s Dad plus his dad have never approved […]

I feel positive again thanks to sativa strains

I didn’t know much at all about marijuana as it turns out. No sir, I guess I got totally faked out when it came to all the myths plus misinformation about cannabis. I grew up in a time where there was plenty of weed around me. But I believed that 1 toke of recreational marijuana […]

It was a cannabis smorgasbord

I’m not much of a purchaser really. But most of my male peers are actually in the same boat. However, I actually do like going shopping with my wife. At least, when it’s just the two of us. Kim prefers having me along to be tolerable about what looks superb plus what doesn’t. And that […]

How the marijuana plants are processed

During the summer, there is lots of natural sun and rain to help all of our marijuana crops grow healthy and strong, unfortunately for us, the winter time does not bring natural sun and moderate air. Winter time around here is usually foggy and there are few showers. We have outdoor props that fill our […]

The kids had to go home early

My kid had a sleepover last weekend and a bunch of her friends came to stay at the house. The weather has been undoubtedly nice and sunny, so the kids spent a lot of time outside in the pool. In the middle of the night on Thursday, someone came to wake me up. I don’t […]